The Retrieval Betting Plan

This is probably the most complicated plan, and is sometimes known as 'Target Stakes' or 'Chasing Your Losses'. This plan endevours to win you, a certain amount of money, this amount, or 'target' is a percentage of your current bank. For instance, say we start with a Bank of £100, then the first target will be 5% of this = £5. In order to win £5, we need to calculate the stake, based upon the odds we are going to get. Although we don't know the odds, we can use an esimation, (that being the Betting Forecast). Therefore:

Selection Target Odds Stake
Horse #1 £5.00 2/1 £2.50

We can see that if we wish to win £5.00, we need to stake £2.50 on a 2/1 selection. If this horse does NOT win, we need to add the current stake onto the target for the next bet, (£5.00 + £2.50 = £7.50) and then do the same again:

Selection Target Odds Stake
Horse #1 £5.00 2/1 £2.50
Horse #2 £7.50 2/1 £3.75

And so the cycle continues until a bet wins, you reach your maximum bet size, or you run out of money! In the event of a win, you should find that you have recovered all your losses, as well as winning the initial target of £5. At this point, you re-calculate your Target based upon 5% of the CURRENT betting bank. A problem occurs however, if the actual odds of the winner, (Starting Price) are very different from the estimate, then you will not win your target, and you may not even recover your losses. In this scenario you can either, take the hit, and hope that the next win will work more in your favour, or you could simply set the new target to be the deficit.

Let's look at an example, based upon a Betting Bank of £100:

Selection Target Odds Stake Finished Balance
Horse #1 £5.00 2/1 £2.50 3rd £97.50
Horse #2 £7.50 2/1 £3.75 2nd £93.75
Horse #3 £11.25 9/4 £5.00 WON @ 9/4 £105.00
Horse #4 £5.25* 13/2 £1.00 4th £104.00
Horse #5 £6.25 9/2 £1.39 UR £102.61
Horse #6 £7.64 11/4 £2.78 2nd £99.83
Horse #7 £10.42 6/1 £1.74 5th £98.09
Horse #8 £12.16 11/4 £4.42 3rd £93.67
Horse #9 £16.58 5/1 £3.32 WON @ 5/1 £110.27**
Horse #10 £5.51 3/1 £1.84 2nd £108.43
Horse #11 £7.35 4/1 £1.84 Fell £108.43
Horse #12 £9.19 4/1 £2.30 WON @ 4/1 £117.63

* You can see the target of Horse #4 became £5.25 which is based on 5% of the current Bank. The odds on this horse were 13/2 which should have created a stake of 81p. As this is less than our minimum stake, £1.00 became the stake.

** You can see at Horse #9, that when it wins at 5/1, it does indeed win the target amount, which is the original target, (£5.25) + the losses up to that point, so the £105 balance, when the target was set - has become £110.27

  • The initial bets are small, which is always a feel-good factor.
  • This is the ONLY plan, when it doesn't matter when the win comes, most IAW plans perform better if the wins are one after the other. Most IAL plans perform better if the wins are interspersed, and infrequent. Retrieval staking will perform whenever the wins come, so long as they do come.
  • Your stakes are highly dependant upon the odds of the horse, which in itself grants you a more common-sense approach when placing your bets, as you will stake more money on a favourite, than an outsider.
  • Your stakes are small after a win, which again, is a feel-good factor, because you know you aren't going to win every bet you place.
  • Your highest stakes are always on winners.
  • It doesn't matter if you have had a series of losers, because the stake is so calculated that on the next horse - you should win back all your losses, plus the target.
  • If you are betting on horses with small odds, or even odds-on, your stakes will be large, and will get very large, very fast. This is one of the reasons why all our tips have odds greater than 2/1.
  • If you have a string of losses, your stakes will rise dramatically, and could break your bank FAST.
  • If the odds that the horse wins at does not reflect the betting forecast, you will not win the required amount, and therefore you may not win very much using this plan. If this is continually a problem, then it is worth adding a factor into the 'Betting Forecast' to compensate, ie. if it states 4/1, set it to 3/1.
  • Number of losing bets to halve the initial Betting Bank, (using average odds of 5/2) : 8
  • Number of losing bets to break the initial Betting Bank, (using average odds of 5/2) : 10
  • This is a VERY HIGH RISK Staking Plan