Staking Plans Summary

Here is the league table of of the 17 Staking Plans covered on the site for this year.

PosPlanDoubled BankMade 50%Made 25%Lost BankMade a LossMonthly PointsTotal
1Predicted Winners0010-64-1
3Stop At Win0000-74-3
4EachWay Doubles1110-71-3
5Level Stakes0010-72-4
6Each Way Bets0010-71-5
7Square Root0110-70-5
9Percentage of Bank0010-70-6
10Fibonacci Series012-10-23-6
115 doubles0110-7-1-6
12Multi-Link Doubles111-5-50-7
14Daily Labouchere111-5-6-7-15
15Incremental Series001-10-5-2-16
17Reverse Labouchere111-15-4-9-25
Key: High Risk Plan Medium Risk Plan Low Risk Plan

At the end of each month the 17 plans are judged according to how well they have provided a profit given the tips for that particular month. Rather than preferring a plan which has won the most amount of money in a year we allocate points on a monthly basis which highlights a plan which consistently performs well.

The 'League Table' shows how each plan has faired over the year. The first column 'Doubled Bank' shows how many times the plan has doubled the bank. Therefore if a plan has a 5 in this column it means that this plan has doubled the bank in 5 separate months. Obviously, it will have 'Made 50%' and 'Made 25%' in those months also, which will give this plan more points than a plan which has merely 'Made 25%' profit for the bank.

If a plan makes a loss, then it will lose 1 point for that month, however, if a plan loses the bank, ie. loses all of that months money, then this is such a grave circumstance, that this produces a loss of 5 points to the plan for that month.

The 'Monthly Points' column is a total of all the points that have been given a plan at the end of each month. Points are allocated as follows:

For Winning the month: 3 Points
For coming 2nd: 2 Points
For coming 3rd: 1 Point
For Losing the month: -3 Points
For coming 2nd last: -2 Points
For coming 3rd last: -1 Points