Horse Racing Tips

At Professional Racing Tips our aim is to provide our members with horse racing tips each morning for the days racing which will enable them to make a profit.

We are an honest company, who has been making our customers money since 2006.

You can purchase a years membership to the service, or a month, a week, or even just a day!

Once you are a member, you will be able to visit the site in order to access the tips for those horses racing that day. Not only do you receive the days tips, but we firmly believe in maximising profit, and therefore we employ 17 different staking plans which do just that. Depending on how you wish to place your bets, how much you wish to risk, and whether you have access to watch the days racing will depend on which plan is most suitable for you.

Initially, we recommend that you use the 'Fibonacci' staking plan with your racing tips as this is a simple plan, and has shown to be one of the most consistently profitable plans over the years.

You can update your Staking Plan any time during the month, and you can even analyse previous racing tips from previous months against any of our staking plans against a stake of your choice to see what the outcome would have been. Using this information you may wish to update your plan for the next months racing. This you are free to do at any time during the month, however the change you make, will only apply at the start of the next months' tips.

We will offer between 0 and 4 horse racing tips per day. Depending on the days racing, and the odds on offer will dictate this figure. We do not believe is always having a tip on site. If there is no value, or no clear winner in any race on a particular day, we will not advise placing a bet. Similarly, if we can highlight a number of races, where there is a clear horse which is a far superior form, and is running in ideal conditions at a good price then we will advise betting on all these horses. This equates to between 40 and 50 racing tips per month.

At certain times of the year, (November) we will advise caution. Due to the change from Flat Racing to National Hunt, horses are coming out for the first time, coming out from being off for a long time, etc.. racing at the best of times is unpredictable, but during this time it is very much so. For that reason, we minimise our racing tips to about 30 in that month, and we also advise using the Stop At Win plan, which is a very cautious plan.

Our horse racing tips are always priced over 2/1 and upwards. Depending on how we are doing that month, we do aim to make you a profit, and if it is being a difficult month, we will go with the more likely candidates, however, if things are going well, we will pick those horses which haven't seen the limelight and won't be backed as heavily, but are very capable horses, and have just as much chance as winning as the better priced horses. This has shown to be very profitable as our racing tips often come in with prices of 12/1, 16/1, etc.. which gives a great profit for you.

What's more, all our winnings from our racing tips are based on SP, rather than some 'odds' that other less honest tipsters would use to inflate their winnings. This means that the figures we have on site are the minimum that you could have won had you been with us at that time.

Why not give us a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to WIN!