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Use our betting calculator to calculate how much you would have won on any given month in our history. Simply choose the month, the staking plan, the amount of your betting bank, and a percentage of bank, (where applicable) to use, then click 'Calculate'.

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Current Plan: Fibonacci Series What is the Fibonacci Series Plan?
Raced OnHorsePrimeStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
7th Oct @ 02:25Caldra1£1.00WON6/4£1.50£51.50
8th Oct @ 04:30Hoh Hoh Hoh1£1.006th7/2-£1.00£50.50
11th Oct @ 02:20Tybalt1£1.00WON4/7£0.57£51.07
11th Oct @ 03:25Rakata1£1.00WON5/1£5.00£56.07
11th Oct @ 04:20Bermuda Point (3)1£1.003rd4/5-£1.00£55.07
12th Oct @ 02:35Ladies Best (3)1£1.00WON6/1£6.00£61.07
12th Oct @ 03:10Anna Pavlova1£1.002nd6/4-£1.00£60.07
12th Oct @ 04:55Counterpunch1£1.00WON5/4£1.25£61.32
13th Oct @ 03:10Bygone Days1£1.00WON7/2£3.50£64.82
13th Oct @ 04:35Precious Mystery (3)1£1.008th11/2-£1.00£63.82
14th Oct @ 03:30Sir Percy (7)1£1.007th11/4-£1.00£62.82
14th Oct @ 04:10Teofilo (3)2£2.00WON11/8£2.75£65.57
15th Oct @ 04:00Juror1£1.005th7/2-£1.00£64.57
15th Oct @ 04:20Terramarique1£1.003rd5/4-£1.00£63.57
16th Oct @ 03:50Empire Day2£2.003rd7/2-£2.00£61.57
17th Oct @ 02:50Memphis Man3£3.0010th7/2-£3.00£58.57
17th Oct @ 03:30Mowazana5£5.00WON5/4£6.25£64.82
17th Oct @ 04:00Picacho1£1.007th15/8-£1.00£63.82
17th Oct @ 04:40Cociembe1£1.004th4/1-£1.00£62.82
18th Oct @ 02:30Balakirek2£2.005th11/4-£2.00£60.82
18th Oct @ 04:00Woolly Bully3£3.004th5/2-£3.00£57.82
19th Oct @ 03:00Atheneum5£5.0010th8/1-£5.00£52.82
19th Oct @ 05:20Hatch A Plan8£8.005th4/1-£8.00£44.82
20th Oct @ 02:20Sunlight13£10.00WON4/6£6.67£51.49
21st Oct @ 01:55Taranis1£1.00WON4/5£0.80£52.29
21st Oct @ 02:40Dragon Dancer1£1.006th4/1-£1.00£51.29
22nd Oct @ 02:50Montevideo1£1.008th5/1-£1.00£50.29
23rd Oct @ 04:50Kyles Prince2£2.00WON11/2£11.00£61.29
24th Oct @ 04:30Butler's Cabin1£1.00WON7/2£3.50£64.79
26th Oct @ 02:30Don't Push It1£1.00WON8/11£0.73£65.52
26th Oct @ 03:20Khun John1£1.00WON9/2£4.50£70.02
26th Oct @ 04:50Royal Oath1£1.0010th5/2-£1.00£69.02
26th Oct @ 05:10Pilca1£1.002ndEvs-£1.00£68.02
27th Oct @ 02:40Heart of Svetlana2£2.0014th10/1-£2.00£66.02
27th Oct @ 03:15Nakheel3£3.005th7/2-£3.00£63.02
28th Oct @ 01:10Andreas5£5.003rd11/8-£5.00£58.02
28th Oct @ 01:40Desert Quest8£8.00WON2/1£16.00£74.02
28th Oct @ 02:05Philanthropy1£1.00NP11/2-£1.00£73.02
28th Oct @ 03:25Neptunes Collonges1£1.002nd2/1-£1.00£72.02
29th Oct @ 02:30Twelve Paces2£2.00WON13/8£3.25£75.27
29th Oct @ 03:30Intrepid Jack1£1.005th2/1-£1.00£74.27
30th Oct @ 02:20Scarlet Mix1£1.00WON2/1£2.00£76.27
30th Oct @ 02:30Strikeen1£1.004th5/6-£1.00£75.27
31st Oct @ 01:30Nota Liberta1£1.002nd5/4-£1.00£74.27
31st Oct @ 02:00Atlantic Light2£2.00WON5/2£5.00£79.27
31st Oct @ 02:40Dempsey1£1.00UR5/1-£1.00£78.27
31st Oct @ 03:40NotAnotherDonkey1£1.002nd100/30-£1.00£77.27