Who is Professional Racing Tips?

We offer a completely unique service, found nowhere else on the net!

We are an honest company, providing valuable information for our customers, that will ultimately make you money at a fair price.

I am sure you will have received many flyers over the years claiming that you could have won hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a month, supplemented your income - or even given up work, if only you had subscribed to their service, (at considerable cost - up to £200 per month)! The words they use in their advertisements:

  • '....let's say you decide to stake £100... ' (let's say I don't)
  • '...place a small bet for me, say £10... ' (place your own bets! why should I put any money on for you!
  • '...when you have skipped merrily down to the bookies to collect your £1,200... ' (skipped!)
  • '...send me my £120... ' (sorry no, I will be keeping my winnings for me, not you)
  • '...my service costs peanuts, (if £60 a month isn't peanuts then I don't know what is!...' (wrong again, peanuts cost about 60p, and I don't know anyone who thinks £60 a month is nothing)

I'm sorry, but there isn't anything in these advertisements that I agree with - at all. If you actually examine their past performance figures, not only were the odds for the winning horses NOT the actual starting price, but they were also staking £200 on each horse! I don't know about you, but I personally feel that staking that amount of money on each horse is highly unreasonable, and extremely unlikely. I do not know anyone who could afford that sort of staking, more like £2 on each horse, and taking this into consideration, the incredible £800 per month additional income, turns into £8 a month. Hardly worth the effort, and I don't think anyone would be retiring early on that!

Why are we different from all the rest?

We firmly believe in our service as our mission is to provide valuable horse racing information and tips at a fair price that is affordable by all. To honour this, we have set our annual fee to be less than most other tipsters monthly fees.

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