Our Selections

We are under absolutely no illusion as to the unpredictability of racing, and how difficult it is to pick horses which win. We will tell you now, that you will back more losers than winners. We do each and every month.

We are not afraid to tell you this, and we do not wish to be compared to all the other 'tipsters' who offer you gargantuan returns, for small outlays. We do not state that within a few months you will be packing in your job, and buying fast cars.

However, the service we offer will provide you with regular profits, as our aim is to double your Betting Bank each month, therefore the amount you win, will depend on how much you are willing to risk. We advise that you start small, and increase your bank each month as your winnings allow you to do so. This is the practise that we follow, each year we start with a meagre sum of just £50 and increase the bank each month based upon how much we have won the previous month.

"During our 7 year history our initial £50 Betting Bank has grown in our poorest year, (2011) to £4,036 and in our best year, (2009) to £23,520"

As mentioned above, we are under no illusion as to the unpredictability of the sport, therefore not only do we provide you with our selections, but also the choice of 17 Staking plans to choose from! Yes, 17 plans! You decide which plan is for right for you, and we will calculate your stake.

"Our service is catered specifically for you, each member is different and may choose a plan to suit them, a Betting Bank they can afford, and a staking percentage which aligns with their preference between risk and caution."
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Race horse name generator quiz

To officially name a racehorse you need to register it with the British Horseracing Authority via the Wetherby’s Naming Team to ensure it hasn’t been used before. That’s where the problem will probably be for most – coming up with a creative name that hasn’t been used before. Maybe (probably unlikely) you’re a racehorse owner looking for some inspiration or maybe you’ve done the lottery and you’re sure your numbers are going to come up, you’re going to buy a horse when (not if) you win and you want a helping hand in naming your new steed. To aid you in this we have created a quiz that can collate all of your favourite things in life to come up with a relevant name for you to name your horse and allow all the backers placing a bet on horse racing with Paddy Power to pick it out!