Testimonials - what our members say...

Bob, (a member since December 2014) says:

"Hi Tom, It’s a pleasure to be part of your service, your comments on the chosen horse seems real as if you know it personally I feel quite confident in placing your tips. I joined on December 26th. so still early days. This is the first reference I’ve given to any Tipster in fifteen years, keep up the good work."

Paul, (a member since December 2014) says:

"Hi Tom, Spot on with Fairy Rath , and thanks , Just ic case you are interested I also signed up to two other betting service before i came accross your site one lad gives 4 tips a day and promises that he has the best information available the first two days were ok, but over the last month i have lost a lot money as for four days in succession all four lost every day. his strike rate is below 30% also all his tips are mostly favourites and almost identical to the racing post spotlight. I do under stand there is no guarantee, but for the money these lads charge you expect some results . Your service is the best so far and seems to be run in a very honest way. Just to say well done and thank you and best wishes for 2015."

BR, (a member since November 2014) says:

"I hope you're well. Just a quick email to thank you for a profitable service so far. Seriously, in the past I have joined lots of so called professional horse racing tipster services. Some charging ridiculous amount of money only to advise you of odds on horses and then within months they go under and I'll be honest with you, I've lost thousands of pounds to these people. So when I came across your website I was a little hesitatant but you're results looked impressive and now that I am using the service I must admit I am glad I joined your service, I like the individual account management and every tip is there to see an you don't shy away if the horse loses and give good feedback/explanation. Keep up the good work my friend and we'll catch up soon. Thanks again. Bash.."

Ivan, (a member since January 2014) says:

"I bet on Bellgrove, was 2nd but nevermind. Keep going, your service is one of the best. I'm looking forward to next tips."

Anup, (a member since April 2013) says:

"I started off trying your service and got the 1 day pass, and whilst your selection didn't I bought another 1 day pass and that one did win, I then bought the weekly pass where I am pleased to say I got 2 very nice winners which paid for the year pass. Please carry on bringing me those winners, as it is all money in the bank from now on - cheers."

Sarah, (a member since November 2012) says:

"I love horse-racing, and I love winning on them too. THanks for the service, so far so good - you had a bad month last month, but things have turned around and, and I have a good profit to show for this month."

Tom, (a member since July 2012) says:

"..good service. I like the stuff Tom says on a morning, I feel like I am learning more about horse-racing just reading his emails."

Chris, (a member since April 2012) says:

"Professional Racing Tips does exactly what it says. Daily tips, carefully considered advice, regular and profitable winners. All of this is supported by prompt ,efficient and pleasant replies to email questions.I always look forward to seeing the email with the days tips."

Graham, (a member since January 2012) says:

"I was just writing to say how impressed I am with your tips at the moment. When I first joined, it was hit and miss, and we were getting a few good winners each month, but this past week has been awesome - all topped off by the 12/1 winner yesterday! Long may this continue."

Raj, (a member since September 2011) says:

"Nice one Tom. We were on a bit of a losing streak these past few days, but I held my nerve and kept placing the bets, even when yesterday I was on my maximum bet, and 'bang' in comes PaddyFromMenlo at 8/1 my £250 starting bank is now £500 - excellent!"

Matt, (a member since August 2011) says:

"May i also take the chance to say what a great service you provide at a fraction of the cost of some tipsters who charge extausionate amounts for unreliable short priced tips Keep up the good work."

Dawn, (a member since February 2011) says:

"I've joined other tipster services in the past, and I've got to say that your service is nothing like theres. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a service that let's you set your own stake and doesn't expect you to be placing £100 - £200 bets on their tips.

John-Paul, (a member since December 2010) says:

"good tips recently 4 winners since Thu. Had yesterdays tips on as double as well. Impressed so far"

Paul, (a member since August 2010) says:

"I don't know how you survive charging as little as you do, although I am very pleased and intend to stay as being a member for a very long time!"

Russ, (a member since July 2010) says:

"As a new customer, I am very impressed with the accuracy of your tips. As a way of saying thanks, I put £10 on for you on Sundays selection. Pendragon duly obliged and now I have £45 of your money. Please tell me how to get this money to you..." - (we told Mike to keep his money for himself)

Ian, (a member since October 2008) says:

"As a new member, I would just like to say how much I am enjoying your service. I like getting the tips emailed to me each morning, and that the stake is in there too. I don't even have to think about what to bet on, and how much to bet. I just get the email and then puts the bets on. Great that you also keep a log of every bet, and I can see how much I have won each month."

Clive, (a member since March 2008) says:

"Just to let you know, on Monday 28 June, I took all 3 tips from Tom, and one other later on in the evening, and off a 50p 'Lucky 15' won a wonderful £786 which was very much appreciated."