Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
JanFibonacci Series23£50.00£94.00View
FebStop At Win34£100.00£41.00View
MarFibonacci Series37£100.00£136.00View
AprEach Way Bets36£125.00£120.31View
MayStop At Win55£125.00£103.75View
JulReverse Labouchere46£450.00£1,197.00View
SepEachWay Doubles22£1,000.00£1,257.37View
OctIncremental Series26£1,000.00£1,579.00View
NovMulti-Link Doubles19£1,000.00£1,661.09View
DecFibonacci Series21£1,000.00£1,325.00View
Graph for the month of June using Plan: Retrieval

Race horse name generator quiz

To officially name a racehorse you need to register it with the British Horseracing Authority via the Wetherby’s Naming Team to ensure it hasn’t been used before. That’s where the problem will probably be for most – coming up with a creative name that hasn’t been used before. Maybe (probably unlikely) you’re a racehorse owner looking for some inspiration or maybe you’ve done the lottery and you’re sure your numbers are going to come up, you’re going to buy a horse when (not if) you win and you want a helping hand in naming your new steed. To aid you in this we have created a quiz that can collate all of your favourite things in life to come up with a relevant name for you to name your horse and allow all the backers placing a bet on horse racing with Paddy Power to pick it out!

Current Plan: Retrieval What is the Retrieval Plan?
Raced OnHorseForecastTargetStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
1st Jun @ 02:40Manoori4/1£12.50£3.13WON5/6£2.60£127.60
1st Jun @ 07:40Elusive Prince5/2£12.76£5.10WON13/8£8.29£135.90
2nd Jun @ 07:25Premier Grand Cru11/4£13.59£4.943rd5/2-£4.94£130.96
3rd Jun @ 05:35Rothesay Chancer11/4£18.53£6.74WON7/4£11.79£142.75
4th Jun @ 07:00Music Festival11/4£14.27£5.193rd85/40-£5.19£137.56
5th Jun @ 04:30Badger Foot3/1£19.47£6.49PU9/4-£6.49£131.07
6th Jun @ 07:00Pittodrie Star7/2£25.95£7.423rd9/2-£7.42£123.65
6th Jun @ 07:45Perfect Pastime2/1£33.37£16.694th5/2-£16.69£106.97
6th Jun @ 08:30Close To The Edge3/1£50.06£16.692nd2/1-£16.69£90.28
7th Jun @ 06:45Red Not Blue7/2£66.74£19.07WON9/4£42.90£133.19
8th Jun @ 04:10Bahia Emerald2/1£13.32£6.66WON9/4£14.98£148.17
8th Jun @ 04:20Dazeen3/1£14.82£4.94NP4/1-£4.94£143.23
8th Jun @ 07:30Jobe3/1£19.76£6.59NP4/1-£6.59£136.65
9th Jun @ 02:50Hawridge King7/2£26.34£7.533rd2/1-£7.53£129.12
10th Jun @ 02:50Speightowns Kid9/4£33.87£15.053rd6/4-£15.05£114.07
10th Jun @ 03:35Speedy Directa5/2£48.92£19.57WON7/2£68.49£182.56
11th Jun @ 02:50Parson's Punch5/2£18.26£7.30PU7/4-£7.30£175.26
11th Jun @ 05:05Barkston Ash 11/4£25.56£9.295th9/4-£9.29£165.96
11th Jun @ 08:10Byrd In Hand5/2£34.85£13.94NP6/4-£13.94£152.02
13th Jun @ 03:45Beauty Pageant11/4£48.79£17.744th6/4-£17.74£134.28
13th Jun @ 04:00Overbranch5/2£66.54£25.00WON6/1£150.00£284.28
14th Jun @ 06:15Colditz11/4£28.43£10.344th4/1-£10.34£273.94
16th Jun @ 03:20Defence Of Duress2/1£38.77£19.382nd9/4-£19.38£254.56
16th Jun @ 07:50DreamAcha2/1£58.15£25.00WON9/4£56.25£310.81
17th Jun @ 07:45Pravda Street5/2£31.08£12.43WON5/2£31.08£341.89
17th Jun @ 08:50PokFulham2/1£34.19£17.092nd11/8-£17.09£324.79
21st Jun @ 05:00Athaakeel2/1£51.28£25.00WON11/4£68.75£393.54
22nd Jun @ 05:15Doc Hay5/2£39.35£15.74NP9/4-£15.74£377.80
23rd Jun @ 03:55John Forbes9/4£55.10£24.49WON9/4£55.10£432.90
23rd Jun @ 09:10Hurricane Lady11/4£43.29£15.74WON7/4£27.55£460.45
24th Jun @ 08:50Sim Sala Bim2/1£46.04£23.023rd7/2-£23.02£437.42
24th Jun @ 09:00Rothesay Chancer3/1£69.07£23.02WON9/4£51.80£489.23
25th Jun @ 04:30Zain Shamardal100/30£48.92£14.682nd2/1-£14.68£474.55
27th Jun @ 09:10Prince Of Sorrento7/2£63.60£18.17NP11/4-£18.17£456.38
28th Jun @ 03:15Save The Bees7/2£81.77£23.362nd5/2-£23.36£433.01
28th Jun @ 05:15Hayek100/30£105.13£25.002nd6/1-£25.00£408.01
28th Jun @ 05:30StoneCrabsTomorrow3/1£130.13£25.003rd7/2-£25.00£383.01
29th Jun @ 03:20Golden Call2/1£155.13£25.003rd2/1-£25.00£358.01
30th Jun @ 05:00Warlu Way7/2£180.13£25.00WON5/1£125.00£483.01
30th Jun @ 09:10Anton Dolin9/4£48.30£21.47NP5/2-£21.47£461.55