Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
FebEach Way Bets35£50.00£36.09View
MarStop At Win88£50.00£78.42View
AprFibonacci Series127£75.00£361.44View
MayFibonacci Series137£400.00£1,372.00View
JunFibonacci Series144£1,000.00£4,741.74View
AugStop At Win94£1,000.00£1,385.00View
SepStop At Win60£1,000.00£641.67View
OctFibonacci Series39£1,000.00£1,587.50View
NovLevel Stakes45£1,000.00£550.00View
DecStop At Win10£1,000.00£700.00View
Graph for the month of June using Plan: Fibonacci Series

Race horse name generator quiz

To officially name a racehorse you need to register it with the British Horseracing Authority via the Wetherby’s Naming Team to ensure it hasn’t been used before. That’s where the problem will probably be for most – coming up with a creative name that hasn’t been used before. Maybe (probably unlikely) you’re a racehorse owner looking for some inspiration or maybe you’ve done the lottery and you’re sure your numbers are going to come up, you’re going to buy a horse when (not if) you win and you want a helping hand in naming your new steed. To aid you in this we have created a quiz that can collate all of your favourite things in life to come up with a relevant name for you to name your horse and allow all the backers placing a bet on horse racing with Paddy Power to pick it out!

Current Plan: Fibonacci Series What is the Fibonacci Series Plan?
Raced OnHorsePrimeStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
1st Jun @ 03:00Multiplication1£20.004th3/1-£20.00£980.00
1st Jun @ 04:45Mister Jingles1£20.00NP6/1-£20.00£960.00
1st Jun @ 05:30Blue Dynasty2£40.00NP11/4-£40.00£920.00
1st Jun @ 06:40Follow The Flag3£60.00NP7/2-£60.00£860.00
1st Jun @ 08:55Rose Row5£100.004th5/1-£100.00£760.00
2nd Jun @ 03:00Spirit Of France8£160.003rd9/4-£160.00£600.00
2nd Jun @ 03:30High Curragh13£200.005th4/1-£200.00£400.00
2nd Jun @ 04:00Fastnet Storm21£200.00WON11/2£1,100.00£1,500.00
2nd Jun @ 05:00Fell Pack1£20.005th5/1-£20.00£1,480.00
2nd Jun @ 07:20Forest Dane1£20.00NP5/1-£20.00£1,460.00
2nd Jun @ 08:35Finbin2£40.002nd8/1-£40.00£1,420.00
3rd Jun @ 02:50Gap Princess3£60.00NP11/2-£60.00£1,360.00
3rd Jun @ 03:30Dead Or Alive5£100.00UR5/2-£100.00£1,260.00
3rd Jun @ 03:40Melange8£160.00NP13/2-£160.00£1,100.00
3rd Jun @ 04:20Kyber13£200.005th11/4-£200.00£900.00
3rd Jun @ 04:50Cry Of Truth21£200.00NP11/2-£200.00£700.00
4th Jun @ 04:00Noticeable21£200.003rd5/2-£200.00£500.00
4th Jun @ 04:10Blackstone Vegas21£200.002nd6/1-£200.00£300.00
4th Jun @ 04:40Tangerine Trees21£200.00WON6/4£300.00£600.00
4th Jun @ 05:00Raise Again1£20.003rd9/2-£20.00£580.00
4th Jun @ 07:15Major Phil1£20.00NP7/2-£20.00£560.00
4th Jun @ 07:25Alfadora2£40.00NP12/1-£40.00£520.00
4th Jun @ 07:50Mujood3£60.002nd8/1-£60.00£460.00
4th Jun @ 08:55Cosmea5£100.002nd3/1-£100.00£360.00
5th Jun @ 03:00Raccoon8£160.00WON7/1£1,120.00£1,480.00
5th Jun @ 03:35Wyatt Earp1£20.005th8/1-£20.00£1,460.00
5th Jun @ 04:45Maison Dieu1£20.004th5/2-£20.00£1,440.00
5th Jun @ 08:35Desperate Dan2£40.002nd3/1-£40.00£1,400.00
6th Jun @ 02:35Uniquely Poised3£60.00NP11/1-£60.00£1,340.00
6th Jun @ 02:50Kings Destiny5£100.002nd4/1-£100.00£1,240.00
6th Jun @ 04:05Thunder Bay8£160.00NP10/1-£160.00£1,080.00
6th Jun @ 05:15Island Chief13£200.003rd8/1-£200.00£880.00
6th Jun @ 08:10Decipher21£200.00WON9/2£900.00£1,780.00
6th Jun @ 08:20Gazboolou1£20.003rd4/1-£20.00£1,760.00
6th Jun @ 08:40No Rules1£20.00NP7/2-£20.00£1,740.00
6th Jun @ 09:10Dispol Grand2£40.00WON9/4£90.00£1,830.00
7th Jun @ 03:00Patavium Prince1£20.002nd5/1-£20.00£1,810.00
7th Jun @ 04:30Sinbad The Sailor1£20.00WON7/2£70.00£1,880.00
7th Jun @ 05:00Imaginary Diva1£20.003rd7/2-£20.00£1,860.00
8th Jun @ 03:45Defector1£20.003rd13/8-£20.00£1,840.00
8th Jun @ 04:15Sagunt2£40.00WON11/4£110.00£1,950.00
8th Jun @ 07:20Kirbati King1£20.00NP9/2-£20.00£1,930.00
8th Jun @ 07:50Mannlichen1£20.00NP4/1-£20.00£1,910.00
8th Jun @ 08:00Captain Carey2£40.00WON7/2£140.00£2,050.00
9th Jun @ 03:35Billy Dane1£20.00NP8/1-£20.00£2,030.00
9th Jun @ 05:00Paddy Rielly1£20.002nd4/1-£20.00£2,010.00
9th Jun @ 05:45Sir Royal2£40.002nd5/4-£40.00£1,970.00
9th Jun @ 08:15I'm In The Pink3£60.002nd3/1-£60.00£1,910.00
10th Jun @ 02:10Gloucester5£100.00WON10/11£90.91£2,000.91
10th Jun @ 03:00Haafhd Time1£20.00NP11/2-£20.00£1,980.91
10th Jun @ 03:40Wedding List1£20.00NP8/1-£20.00£1,960.91
10th Jun @ 04:10Ezdeyaad2£40.00WON8/1£320.00£2,280.91
10th Jun @ 07:40Vhujon1£20.002nd11/2-£20.00£2,260.91
11th Jun @ 02:30Monte Pattino1£20.003rd14/1-£20.00£2,240.91
11th Jun @ 03:00Firebet2£40.00WON9/2£180.00£2,420.91
11th Jun @ 04:35Efisio Princess1£20.00NP11/4-£20.00£2,400.91
11th Jun @ 04:55Devil To Pay1£20.002nd7/2-£20.00£2,380.91
11th Jun @ 05:25Mustajed2£40.00NP11/2-£40.00£2,340.91
11th Jun @ 07:40Stop The Show3£60.00Fell7/2-£60.00£2,280.91
11th Jun @ 07:50Mandurah5£100.00WON7/2£350.00£2,630.91
12th Jun @ 03:35Hippodrome1£20.002nd9/1-£20.00£2,610.91
12th Jun @ 04:25Mubrook1£20.00NP9/2-£20.00£2,590.91
12th Jun @ 04:45Runaround Sue2£40.00WON7/2£140.00£2,730.91
12th Jun @ 04:55Worth A King's1£20.004th8/1-£20.00£2,710.91
12th Jun @ 06:40Major Miller1£20.00Fell9/2-£20.00£2,690.91
12th Jun @ 07:45Master Nimbus2£40.00WON5/1£200.00£2,890.91
13th Jun @ 01:50Dancourt1£20.002nd8/1-£20.00£2,870.91
13th Jun @ 02:20Broad Cairn1£20.00NP11/2-£20.00£2,850.91
13th Jun @ 03:35City Affair2£40.003rd11/4-£40.00£2,810.91
13th Jun @ 04:10Iona Star3£60.00NP7/1-£60.00£2,750.91
13th Jun @ 05:05Desperate Dan5£100.00NP9/2-£100.00£2,650.91
13th Jun @ 07:40Lenny Bee8£160.002nd4/1-£160.00£2,490.91
13th Jun @ 07:50Apotheosis13£200.00NP7/4-£200.00£2,290.91
13th Jun @ 08:10Will He Wish21£200.005th5/1-£200.00£2,090.91
14th Jun @ 02:00It's A Date21£200.00WON2/1£400.00£2,490.91
14th Jun @ 02:40Ice Bucket1£20.004th7/2-£20.00£2,470.91
14th Jun @ 03:50Some Craic1£20.002nd13/2-£20.00£2,450.91
15th Jun @ 05:15Kings Maiden2£40.004th3/1-£40.00£2,410.91
15th Jun @ 09:10Purus3£60.00NP10/1-£60.00£2,350.91
16th Jun @ 05:10Elijah Pepper5£100.00NP9/2-£100.00£2,250.91
16th Jun @ 08:15Mutual Friend8£160.003rd8/1-£160.00£2,090.91
17th Jun @ 04:45Bid For Gold13£200.00WON11/4£550.00£2,640.91
17th Jun @ 08:50Summer Lodge1£20.00WON3/1£60.00£2,700.91
18th Jun @ 05:10Antigua Sunrise1£20.00WON5/1£100.00£2,800.91
18th Jun @ 05:20Miss Pelling1£20.00WON15/8£37.50£2,838.41
18th Jun @ 07:10Tagula Breeze1£20.004th100/30-£20.00£2,818.41
18th Jun @ 08:10Vainglory1£20.00WON11/4£55.00£2,873.41
18th Jun @ 09:00Simple Rhythm1£20.004th11/4-£20.00£2,853.41
18th Jun @ 09:10Zowington1£20.00WON2/1£40.00£2,893.41
19th Jun @ 03:15Spirit Of France1£20.005th7/2-£20.00£2,873.41
19th Jun @ 03:55Vhujon1£20.00NP4/1-£20.00£2,853.41
19th Jun @ 07:15Forbidden2£40.002nd2/1-£40.00£2,813.41
19th Jun @ 07:45IFatFirst3£60.004th7/4-£60.00£2,753.41
19th Jun @ 09:10Hi Shinko5£100.00NP4/1-£100.00£2,653.41
19th Jun @ 09:20San Silvestro8£160.00NP4/1-£160.00£2,493.41
20th Jun @ 02:10Brave Echo13£200.005th15/2-£200.00£2,293.41
20th Jun @ 03:50White Shift21£200.00NP7/1-£200.00£2,093.41
20th Jun @ 05:10Invincible Lad21£200.00NP7/2-£200.00£1,893.41
20th Jun @ 05:30Norman The Great21£200.00WON5/1£1,000.00£2,893.41
20th Jun @ 05:45Island Music1£20.00NP4/1-£20.00£2,873.41
20th Jun @ 05:55Billy Beetroot1£20.004th7/2-£20.00£2,853.41
20th Jun @ 08:05Never Ending Tale2£40.00NP4/1-£40.00£2,813.41
20th Jun @ 09:05Royal Executioner3£60.00WON3/1£180.00£2,993.41
21st Jun @ 03:10Bullet Man1£20.002nd7/2-£20.00£2,973.41
21st Jun @ 04:10Mr Crystal1£20.002nd2/1-£20.00£2,953.41
22nd Jun @ 02:45Balata2£40.00NP7/1-£40.00£2,913.41
22nd Jun @ 07:40Francis Walsingham3£60.004th7/1-£60.00£2,853.41
22nd Jun @ 07:50Latin Scholer5£100.00WON100/30£333.33£3,186.74
23rd Jun @ 03:45Traphalgar1£20.00WON7/2£70.00£3,256.74
23rd Jun @ 04:00Crystallize1£20.004th9/2-£20.00£3,236.74
23rd Jun @ 04:30Coral Shores1£20.004th7/2-£20.00£3,216.74
24th Jun @ 01:35King Of Wands2£40.00WON7/4£70.00£3,286.74
24th Jun @ 04:30Mibleu1£20.00WON7/1£140.00£3,426.74
24th Jun @ 04:55Global1£20.005th4/1-£20.00£3,406.74
24th Jun @ 07:40Monashee Rock1£20.002nd9/4-£20.00£3,386.74
24th Jun @ 08:10GraceChurch2£40.003rd7/2-£40.00£3,346.74
24th Jun @ 09:10Heaven3£60.004th4/1-£60.00£3,286.74
25th Jun @ 03:30Charlie Tipple5£100.00NP5/1-£100.00£3,186.74
25th Jun @ 04:20Mons Calpe8£160.005th5/2-£160.00£3,026.74
25th Jun @ 04:50Tanforan13£200.00WON13/2£1,300.00£4,326.74
25th Jun @ 05:30Minturno1£20.004th10/1-£20.00£4,306.74
26th Jun @ 03:40Sweetheart1£20.004th11/4-£20.00£4,286.74
26th Jun @ 04:45Sand Repeal2£40.00WON5/2£100.00£4,386.74
26th Jun @ 06:30Hawk's Eye1£20.003rd11/2-£20.00£4,366.74
26th Jun @ 06:50Keisha Kayleigh1£20.003rd7/2-£20.00£4,346.74
26th Jun @ 08:15Rio Cobolo2£40.00WON9/4£90.00£4,436.74
26th Jun @ 08:25Celtic Lynn1£20.005th9/2-£20.00£4,416.74
26th Jun @ 09:30Noodles Blue Boy1£20.00WON9/4£45.00£4,461.74
27th Jun @ 03:15BertOliiver1£20.002nd2/1-£20.00£4,441.74
27th Jun @ 03:45Osteopathic Remedy1£20.002nd7/2-£20.00£4,421.74
27th Jun @ 04:00Mystery Star2£40.005th3/1-£40.00£4,381.74
27th Jun @ 05:25Cipher3£60.003rd7/2-£60.00£4,321.74
27th Jun @ 07:05Bold Cross5£100.00WON11/2£550.00£4,871.74
27th Jun @ 07:55Cape Royal1£20.003rd11/2-£20.00£4,851.74
28th Jun @ 02:35Cossack Prince1£20.004th5/2-£20.00£4,831.74
28th Jun @ 03:25Something Perfect2£40.002nd7/1-£40.00£4,791.74
28th Jun @ 03:35Colonel Flay3£60.002nd6/4-£60.00£4,731.74
29th Jun @ 04:45Indian Art5£100.002nd3/1-£100.00£4,631.74
29th Jun @ 05:45Inside Story8£160.004th5/2-£160.00£4,471.74
29th Jun @ 08:25Solas Alainn13£200.003rd11/8-£200.00£4,271.74
30th Jun @ 04:00Halfway House21£200.00WON11/4£550.00£4,821.74
30th Jun @ 04:45Raccoon1£20.002nd15/2-£20.00£4,801.74
30th Jun @ 05:00Perfect Class1£20.005th4/1-£20.00£4,781.74
30th Jun @ 05:15Ingleby Princess2£40.00NP6/4-£40.00£4,741.74