Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
FebEach Way Bets35£50.00£36.09View
MarStop At Win88£50.00£78.42View
AprFibonacci Series127£75.00£361.44View
MayFibonacci Series137£400.00£1,372.00View
JunFibonacci Series144£1,000.00£4,741.74View
AugStop At Win94£1,000.00£1,385.00View
SepStop At Win60£1,000.00£641.67View
OctFibonacci Series39£1,000.00£1,587.50View
NovLevel Stakes45£1,000.00£550.00View
DecStop At Win10£1,000.00£700.00View
Graph for the month of May using Plan: Fibonacci Series
Current Plan: Fibonacci Series What is the Fibonacci Series Plan?
Raced OnHorsePrimeStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
1st May @ 02:20Pedregal1£8.00NP9/2-£8.00£392.00
1st May @ 04:40Sonny Sam1£8.003rd4/1-£8.00£384.00
1st May @ 05:50Grand Diamond2£16.00NP7/2-£16.00£368.00
1st May @ 07:10Mr Big3£24.003rd11/4-£24.00£344.00
1st May @ 07:25Sou'wester5£40.003rd13/2-£40.00£304.00
2nd May @ 03:20Mirage Dore8£64.003rd7/1-£64.00£240.00
2nd May @ 05:20Paddy Bear13£80.00NP5/2-£80.00£160.00
2nd May @ 05:30Photographic21£80.00WON3/1£240.00£400.00
2nd May @ 08:20Dansimar1£8.005th9/2-£8.00£392.00
3rd May @ 03:25Nawaadi1£8.004th4/1-£8.00£384.00
3rd May @ 04:10Legion D'Honneur2£16.003rd5/1-£16.00£368.00
3rd May @ 04:35Cool Judgement3£24.002nd9/4-£24.00£344.00
3rd May @ 05:35Takaatuf5£40.00WON9/2£180.00£524.00
3rd May @ 05:50Argentine1£8.003rd6/1-£8.00£516.00
4th May @ 02:50Society Venue1£8.003rd3/1-£8.00£508.00
4th May @ 03:20Admiral Dundee2£16.00NP5/1-£16.00£492.00
4th May @ 03:25Can Can Star3£24.004th15/2-£24.00£468.00
4th May @ 03:50Desert Dreamer5£40.00NP9/2-£40.00£428.00
4th May @ 04:55Russian Epic8£64.00NP7/1-£64.00£364.00
5th May @ 04:10Wilbury Star13£80.00NP11/8-£80.00£284.00
6th May @ 04:45Astyanax21£80.002nd11/2-£80.00£204.00
6th May @ 05:45Marcel21£80.00NP7/2-£80.00£124.00
6th May @ 06:30Toni Alcala21£80.00WON7/1£560.00£684.00
6th May @ 07:40Marked Man1£8.002nd3/1-£8.00£676.00
6th May @ 08:10Light Entertainer1£8.00NP7/2-£8.00£668.00
7th May @ 01:45Kingdom Of Fife2£16.002nd11/4-£16.00£652.00
7th May @ 03:45KeepItSecret3£24.00WON15/8£45.00£697.00
7th May @ 06:30Special Reserve1£8.00WON3/1£24.00£721.00
7th May @ 07:05Effigy1£8.002nd11/4-£8.00£713.00
7th May @ 08:10Horseshoe Reef1£8.00NP13/2-£8.00£705.00
7th May @ 08:30Hazeldene2£16.003rd100/30-£16.00£689.00
8th May @ 03:10Our Piccadilly3£24.00WON9/2£108.00£797.00
8th May @ 06:55Indian Trail1£8.00NP7/2-£8.00£789.00
8th May @ 07:25Granston1£8.00WON7/2£28.00£817.00
8th May @ 07:35CantGetOn1£8.00PU11/1-£8.00£809.00
8th May @ 07:50Prince Evelith1£8.004th7/1-£8.00£801.00
8th May @ 08:00Danzatrice2£16.00WON4/1£64.00£865.00
8th May @ 08:50Castles In The Air1£8.00WON5/1£40.00£905.00
9th May @ 02:10Greensward1£8.00NP7/2-£8.00£897.00
9th May @ 02:55All About You1£8.003rd7/2-£8.00£889.00
9th May @ 03:25Swingkeel2£16.002nd5/2-£16.00£873.00
9th May @ 04:00Striking Spirit3£24.00WON8/1£192.00£1,065.00
9th May @ 05:25Mazzola1£8.003rd7/1-£8.00£1,057.00
9th May @ 06:55IsabelOnABicycle1£8.003rd2/1-£8.00£1,049.00
9th May @ 07:55Desert Dreamer2£16.00WON6/1£96.00£1,145.00
9th May @ 08:25Admiral Sandhoe1£8.002nd7/2-£8.00£1,137.00
10th May @ 02:50Dominican Monk1£8.00NP3/1-£8.00£1,129.00
10th May @ 03:20Mbleu2£16.005th4/1-£16.00£1,113.00
10th May @ 03:50Painted Sky3£24.00NP7/2-£24.00£1,089.00
10th May @ 04:40Space Cowboy5£40.00PU11/2-£40.00£1,049.00
11th May @ 04:00Cadre8£64.00WON8/1£512.00£1,561.00
11th May @ 04:50Postman1£8.004th7/2-£8.00£1,553.00
11th May @ 05:30Streets Apart1£8.004th7/2-£8.00£1,545.00
11th May @ 07:20Non Dom2£16.00WON3/1£48.00£1,593.00
11th May @ 07:30Grave Doubts1£8.005th7/1-£8.00£1,585.00
12th May @ 04:10Ice Bellini1£8.00NP8/1-£8.00£1,577.00
12th May @ 04:30Classic Contours2£16.00WON13/8£26.00£1,603.00
12th May @ 08:30Earth Dream1£8.005th6/1-£8.00£1,595.00
13th May @ 03:20Dennis The Legend1£8.00WON13/8£13.00£1,608.00
13th May @ 03:55Paddys Honour1£8.002nd4/1-£8.00£1,600.00
13th May @ 04:10Dantari1£8.004th4/1-£8.00£1,592.00
13th May @ 04:45Count The Cost2£16.00WON4/1£64.00£1,656.00
13th May @ 07:40Siena Star1£8.003rd4/1-£8.00£1,648.00
13th May @ 08:00Singing Wizard1£8.00PU7/2-£8.00£1,640.00
13th May @ 08:30Arresting2£16.004th13/2-£16.00£1,624.00
14th May @ 06:30I Hear Thunder3£24.004th5/1-£24.00£1,600.00
14th May @ 07:40Sashenka5£40.002nd6/1-£40.00£1,560.00
15th May @ 03:00Invincible Heart8£64.00NP3/1-£64.00£1,496.00
15th May @ 03:35Pravda Street13£80.00WON8/1£640.00£2,136.00
15th May @ 04:45Gala Prince1£8.002nd8/1-£8.00£2,128.00
15th May @ 05:20Canadian Danehill1£8.00WON9/2£36.00£2,164.00
15th May @ 06:55Agent Stone1£8.00NP6/1-£8.00£2,156.00
15th May @ 07:20Wind Star1£8.00WON7/2£28.00£2,184.00
15th May @ 08:25Eton Rifles1£8.003rd9/4-£8.00£2,176.00
15th May @ 09:05Rothesay Dancer1£8.003rd9/4-£8.00£2,168.00
16th May @ 02:55Headline Act2£16.004th9/2-£16.00£2,152.00
16th May @ 04:15Wyatt Earp3£24.00NP10/1-£24.00£2,128.00
16th May @ 04:50Wi Dud5£40.003rd11/8-£40.00£2,088.00
16th May @ 05:25Steelcut8£64.003rd7/2-£64.00£2,024.00
17th May @ 02:50Laharna13£80.003rd6/1-£80.00£1,944.00
17th May @ 03:20Toni Alcala21£80.005th10/1-£80.00£1,864.00
18th May @ 03:50Master Wells21£80.003rd6/1-£80.00£1,784.00
18th May @ 07:40Recession Proof21£80.005th5/1-£80.00£1,704.00
19th May @ 02:50Breakevie21£80.00NP6/1-£80.00£1,624.00
19th May @ 03:50Angaric21£80.00NP15/2-£80.00£1,544.00
19th May @ 04:10Maybe I Wont21£80.00NP8/1-£80.00£1,464.00
19th May @ 04:40Lady Pilot21£80.002nd7/4-£80.00£1,384.00
20th May @ 03:10Run For Ede's21£80.004th7/2-£80.00£1,304.00
20th May @ 04:10Miss Pross21£80.003rd7/2-£80.00£1,224.00
20th May @ 04:45Political Paddy21£80.00NP3/1-£80.00£1,144.00
20th May @ 04:55Sarah Park21£80.00NP10/1-£80.00£1,064.00
20th May @ 08:20Seymar Lad21£80.005th100/30-£80.00£984.00
21st May @ 04:55Mandingo Chief21£80.002nd9/1-£80.00£904.00
21st May @ 06:20King Of Wands21£80.002nd7/2-£80.00£824.00
21st May @ 07:25The Fonz21£80.003rd11/4-£80.00£744.00
22nd May @ 02:55Special Reserve21£80.003rd11/4-£80.00£664.00
22nd May @ 04:05Roaring Forte21£80.00WON5/2£200.00£864.00
22nd May @ 04:40Martyr1£8.00WON4/1£32.00£896.00
22nd May @ 05:15Charlevoix1£8.004th11/2-£8.00£888.00
22nd May @ 05:50Chalice Welcome1£8.00NP10/1-£8.00£880.00
22nd May @ 07:20Rio Royale2£16.00NP4/1-£16.00£864.00
22nd May @ 08:00Green Agenda3£24.004th9/2-£24.00£840.00
22nd May @ 08:30Island Vista5£40.00NP4/1-£40.00£800.00
23rd May @ 02:05Leahurst8£64.002nd8/1-£64.00£736.00
23rd May @ 03:35Fathsta13£80.002nd9/2-£80.00£656.00
23rd May @ 04:50Highland Glen21£80.00NP11/2-£80.00£576.00
23rd May @ 05:00Pagan Starprincess21£80.002nd11/4-£80.00£496.00
23rd May @ 05:15Dancing Maite21£80.00NP9/1-£80.00£416.00
23rd May @ 05:45Silk Hall21£80.00NP4/1-£80.00£336.00
23rd May @ 06:40Lord Jay Jay21£80.00WON8/1£640.00£976.00
23rd May @ 07:45Ross Accord1£8.00NP5/2-£8.00£968.00
24th May @ 03:35Master 'N Commander1£8.00NP6/1-£8.00£960.00
24th May @ 04:05Striking Spirit2£16.00NP9/1-£16.00£944.00
24th May @ 04:10Mighty Moose3£24.00NP7/2-£24.00£920.00
25th May @ 02:05Locum5£40.003rd11/2-£40.00£880.00
25th May @ 04:05JoinedUpWriting8£64.002nd8/1-£64.00£816.00
25th May @ 04:25Apache Ridge13£80.002nd3/1-£80.00£736.00
25th May @ 05:30Saloon21£80.00WON3/1£240.00£976.00
26th May @ 03:40Rasaman1£8.00NP9/2-£8.00£968.00
26th May @ 03:50I'm In The Pink1£8.00NP8/1-£8.00£960.00
26th May @ 04:30Invincible Lad2£16.00WON6/1£96.00£1,056.00
26th May @ 06:50Kikos1£8.002nd7/1-£8.00£1,048.00
26th May @ 08:35I'm Your Man1£8.00NP9/2-£8.00£1,040.00
27th May @ 03:25It's Bertie2£16.00WON3/1£48.00£1,088.00
27th May @ 03:35King Kasyapa1£8.00NP5/1-£8.00£1,080.00
27th May @ 04:55Mr Fantozzi1£8.002nd5/1-£8.00£1,072.00
27th May @ 08:20Gala Casino Star2£16.005th5/2-£16.00£1,056.00
27th May @ 08:30Sky Calling3£24.00NP9/2-£24.00£1,032.00
28th May @ 03:50Ergo5£40.005th5/2-£40.00£992.00
28th May @ 05:10General Tufto8£64.00NP9/1-£64.00£928.00
28th May @ 09:05Sam Whiskey13£80.00WON9/2£360.00£1,288.00
29th May @ 04:20Hobson1£8.002nd9/4-£8.00£1,280.00
29th May @ 06:40Ross Moor1£8.003rd100/30-£8.00£1,272.00
29th May @ 07:10Gilt Edge Girl2£16.003rd7/2-£16.00£1,256.00
29th May @ 07:20Island Chief3£24.00WON11/2£132.00£1,388.00
29th May @ 08:50Stelite1£8.00NP4/1-£8.00£1,380.00
29th May @ 09:20Pinball1£8.00UR3/1-£8.00£1,372.00