Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
FebEach Way Bets35£50.00£36.09View
MarStop At Win88£50.00£78.42View
AprFibonacci Series127£75.00£361.44View
MayFibonacci Series137£400.00£1,372.00View
JunFibonacci Series144£1,000.00£4,741.74View
AugStop At Win94£1,000.00£1,385.00View
SepStop At Win60£1,000.00£641.67View
OctFibonacci Series39£1,000.00£1,587.50View
NovLevel Stakes45£1,000.00£550.00View
DecStop At Win10£1,000.00£700.00View
Graph for the month of April using Plan: Fibonacci Series
Current Plan: Fibonacci Series What is the Fibonacci Series Plan?
Raced OnHorsePrimeStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
1st Apr @ 02:50Mister Pete1£1.50NP9/1-£1.50£73.50
1st Apr @ 03:50Ergo1£1.502nd6/1-£1.50£72.00
1st Apr @ 05:20SuperNoverre2£3.00WON100/30£10.00£82.00
2nd Apr @ 03:55Headline Act1£1.504th9/4-£1.50£80.50
2nd Apr @ 05:40Pravda Street1£1.504th2/1-£1.50£79.00
3rd Apr @ 02:20Restless Genius2£3.00NP6/1-£3.00£76.00
3rd Apr @ 03:30Peter's Gift3£4.502nd9/1-£4.50£71.50
3rd Apr @ 04:30Carcinetto5£7.50WON100/30£25.00£96.50
3rd Apr @ 04:40Talk Of Saafend1£1.50NP15/2-£1.50£95.00
3rd Apr @ 05:05Fangfoss Girls1£1.50NP3/1-£1.50£93.50
4th Apr @ 04:15Rambling Minster2£3.00PU9/1-£3.00£90.50
5th Apr @ 02:40Joyrider3£4.50PU9/2-£4.50£86.00
5th Apr @ 03:00Patton5£7.502nd4/1-£7.50£78.50
5th Apr @ 03:50Percussionist8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£144.50
5th Apr @ 04:00Ultimate Limit1£1.50NP85/40-£1.50£143.00
5th Apr @ 04:40Portside1£1.503rd11/2-£1.50£141.50
5th Apr @ 04:50Player2£3.00NP8/1-£3.00£138.50
6th Apr @ 03:00Little Bob3£4.50NP11/1-£4.50£134.00
6th Apr @ 03:20Elna Bright5£7.50NP6/1-£7.50£126.50
6th Apr @ 04:00Orang Outan8£12.00NP11/4-£12.00£114.50
7th Apr @ 03:00Porters War13£15.00WON5/2£37.50£152.00
7th Apr @ 03:10Dunn'o1£1.50NP7/2-£1.50£150.50
7th Apr @ 03:40Dramatic Solo1£1.504th11/2-£1.50£149.00
7th Apr @ 04:20Matmata De Tendron2£3.00NP15/2-£3.00£146.00
8th Apr @ 03:00Impressible3£4.502nd7/1-£4.50£141.50
8th Apr @ 03:20Clovis5£7.50NP7/1-£7.50£134.00
8th Apr @ 03:40EarComesAnnie8£12.005th7/1-£12.00£122.00
8th Apr @ 04:00King's Revenge13£15.00NP4/1-£15.00£107.00
8th Apr @ 04:50Magical Speedfit21£15.00WON9/2£67.50£174.50
9th Apr @ 02:00Perfect Class1£1.50NP13/2-£1.50£173.00
9th Apr @ 02:40Resplendent Alpha1£1.50NP12/1-£1.50£171.50
9th Apr @ 04:00Black Hills2£3.004th11/2-£3.00£168.50
11th Apr @ 02:50NellieDoneThat3£4.503rd9/2-£4.50£164.00
11th Apr @ 03:15Gold Heart5£7.504th9/2-£7.50£156.50
11th Apr @ 03:30Izita Star8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£222.50
11th Apr @ 03:50Green Belt Elite1£1.50NP7/2-£1.50£221.00
11th Apr @ 04:05Dominican Monk1£1.50WON3/1£4.50£225.50
11th Apr @ 04:20HugueNot1£1.50WON11/2£8.25£233.75
11th Apr @ 04:40Ballygalley Bob1£1.50UR7/1-£1.50£232.25
11th Apr @ 05:05CantGetOn1£1.50NP5/2-£1.50£230.75
12th Apr @ 02:30Knock Boy2£3.00NP11/2-£3.00£227.75
12th Apr @ 02:40SuperRollercoaster3£4.502nd8/1-£4.50£223.25
12th Apr @ 03:50Chartist5£7.504th8/1-£7.50£215.75
13th Apr @ 03:40Petito8£12.00NP11/1-£12.00£203.75
13th Apr @ 03:50Tampa Boy13£15.00WON13/2£97.50£301.25
13th Apr @ 04:10Harouet1£1.50NP9/4-£1.50£299.75
13th Apr @ 04:25Lord Alfred1£1.50NP13/2-£1.50£298.25
13th Apr @ 05:25Spanchil Hill2£3.003rd5/1-£3.00£295.25
13th Apr @ 05:30Fashion Icon3£4.50NP7/2-£4.50£290.75
13th Apr @ 05:45Agilete5£7.504th7/2-£7.50£283.25
14th Apr @ 02:30Viscount Rossini8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£349.25
14th Apr @ 03:10Presenting Express1£1.50NP4/1-£1.50£347.75
14th Apr @ 03:20Billy Beetroot1£1.502nd9/2-£1.50£346.25
14th Apr @ 03:40Bugsy's Boy2£3.00PU6/1-£3.00£343.25
14th Apr @ 03:50Aakef3£4.50WON11/8£6.19£349.44
14th Apr @ 04:20Blockley1£1.502nd4/1-£1.50£347.94
15th Apr @ 02:45Le Duc1£1.503rd13/2-£1.50£346.44
15th Apr @ 03:20Seven Is My Number2£3.00NP8/1-£3.00£343.44
15th Apr @ 03:35AWinnersGame3£4.502nd4/1-£4.50£338.94
15th Apr @ 03:55Fier Normand5£7.50Fell11/2-£7.50£331.44
15th Apr @ 04:20Diamond Twister8£12.00NP8/1-£12.00£319.44
15th Apr @ 05:30Good Buy Dubai13£15.00NP100/30-£15.00£304.44
16th Apr @ 03:45Hunterview21£15.004th7/2-£15.00£289.44
17th Apr @ 02:30Avoir Chiosi21£15.003rd4/1-£15.00£274.44
17th Apr @ 02:40OldJoeSaid21£15.00NP3/1-£15.00£259.44
17th Apr @ 03:40Bravely21£15.004th10/1-£15.00£244.44
17th Apr @ 04:00Cast Iron Casey21£15.004th10/3-£15.00£229.44
17th Apr @ 04:15Bo McGinty21£15.004th7/2-£15.00£214.44
17th Apr @ 07:20Zacharova21£15.00WON12/1£180.00£394.44
17th Apr @ 07:50Simply Blue1£1.50NP11/2-£1.50£392.94
18th Apr @ 02:40Petrus De Sormain1£1.504th15/2-£1.50£391.44
18th Apr @ 03:00Bolin Greta2£3.004th3/1-£3.00£388.44
18th Apr @ 04:25Go For One3£4.50NP13/2-£4.50£383.94
18th Apr @ 04:35LeslingTaylor5£7.504th7/2-£7.50£376.44
18th Apr @ 04:45Johnston's Glory8£12.003rd6/1-£12.00£364.44
18th Apr @ 05:40Dark Lane13£15.00NP11/4-£15.00£349.44
18th Apr @ 07:40Golden Games21£15.00NP5/1-£15.00£334.44
19th Apr @ 03:20Roofing Spirit21£15.00PU11/2-£15.00£319.44
19th Apr @ 03:30De Boitron21£15.00WON9/2£67.50£386.94
20th Apr @ 03:10Obe Gold1£1.503rd7/2-£1.50£385.44
20th Apr @ 03:30Royal Hilarity1£1.50NP17/2-£1.50£383.94
20th Apr @ 03:40Terrasini2£3.004th5/1-£3.00£380.94
20th Apr @ 04:40Arctic Cape3£4.50NP9/2-£4.50£376.44
20th Apr @ 06:05Space Cowboy5£7.50NP6/1-£7.50£368.94
20th Apr @ 06:15Im Ova Ere Dad8£12.002nd7/1-£12.00£356.94
21st Apr @ 04:30Rutba13£15.00NP11/2-£15.00£341.94
21st Apr @ 05:15Pelham Crescent21£15.00WON4/1£60.00£401.94
21st Apr @ 05:35Morning Sir Alan1£1.502nd11/1-£1.50£400.44
21st Apr @ 05:50Devil To Pay1£1.50NP7/1-£1.50£398.94
21st Apr @ 07:30Devil's Creek2£3.00NP9/1-£3.00£395.94
22nd Apr @ 03:30Nassau Beach3£4.50NP6/1-£4.50£391.44
22nd Apr @ 03:40Mustaqer5£7.50NP9/2-£7.50£383.94
22nd Apr @ 03:55Fujin Dancer8£12.00NP3/1-£12.00£371.94
22nd Apr @ 04:30Or De Grugy13£15.00NP14/1-£15.00£356.94
22nd Apr @ 04:40Trip The Light21£15.00WON11/4£41.25£398.19
22nd Apr @ 05:00Iris's Flyer1£1.504th7/2-£1.50£396.69
23rd Apr @ 02:30Victorian Tycoon1£1.504th6/1-£1.50£395.19
23rd Apr @ 02:40Coach Lane2£3.003rd8/1-£3.00£392.19
23rd Apr @ 03:40Possol3£4.50WON11/2£24.75£416.94
23rd Apr @ 04:00Demolition1£1.50WON3/1£4.50£421.44
23rd Apr @ 04:20Weather Permitting1£1.50NP16/1-£1.50£419.94
23rd Apr @ 04:40Wikaala1£1.502nd9/2-£1.50£418.44
23rd Apr @ 04:50Noble Action2£3.00PU11/4-£3.00£415.44
23rd Apr @ 07:00Oceana Gold3£4.502nd3/1-£4.50£410.94
23rd Apr @ 07:30Incorporation5£7.505th17/2-£7.50£403.44
24th Apr @ 02:35Affluent8£12.003rd3/1-£12.00£391.44
24th Apr @ 04:20Jedi13£15.00NP7/2-£15.00£376.44
24th Apr @ 05:00Guns And Butter21£15.002nd4/1-£15.00£361.44
24th Apr @ 05:45AheadOfHisTime21£15.00WON7/2£52.50£413.94
24th Apr @ 07:45Marufo1£1.50NP4/1-£1.50£412.44
24th Apr @ 08:15Moonlight Music1£1.502nd4/1-£1.50£410.94
27th Apr @ 04:10Mr Newton2£3.003rd7/2-£3.00£407.94
27th Apr @ 04:50Peter's Gift3£4.505th4/1-£4.50£403.44
27th Apr @ 05:00Letham Island5£7.503rd10/3-£7.50£395.94
28th Apr @ 03:55Mr Prolific8£12.00NP4/1-£12.00£383.94
28th Apr @ 05:40Vamos13£15.003rd9/2-£15.00£368.94
28th Apr @ 07:05Red Jade21£15.002nd3/1-£15.00£353.94
29th Apr @ 04:40Cry For The Moon21£15.00WON11/2£82.50£436.44
29th Apr @ 07:30Boughoure1£1.504th6/1-£1.50£434.94
30th Apr @ 04:05Kervriou1£1.50NP11/1-£1.50£433.44
30th Apr @ 04:30Fly By Nelly2£3.002nd6/1-£3.00£430.44
30th Apr @ 05:05Constant Cheers3£4.504th4/1-£4.50£425.94
30th Apr @ 06:40Portside5£7.502nd5/1-£7.50£418.44
30th Apr @ 07:00Solent Ridge8£12.00NP4/1-£12.00£406.44
30th Apr @ 07:30Pha Ma Blue13£15.003rd9/1-£15.00£391.44
30th Apr @ 08:00InchPast21£15.00NP7/2-£15.00£376.44
30th Apr @ 08:10Petrus De Sormain21£15.003rd11/4-£15.00£361.44