Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
FebEach Way Bets35£50.00£36.09View
MarStop At Win88£50.00£78.42View
AprFibonacci Series127£75.00£361.44View
MayFibonacci Series137£400.00£1,372.00View
JunFibonacci Series144£1,000.00£4,741.74View
AugStop At Win94£1,000.00£1,385.00View
SepStop At Win60£1,000.00£641.67View
OctFibonacci Series39£1,000.00£1,587.50View
NovLevel Stakes45£1,000.00£550.00View
DecStop At Win10£1,000.00£700.00View
Graph for the month of April using Plan: Fibonacci Series

Race horse name generator quiz

To officially name a racehorse you need to register it with the British Horseracing Authority via the Wetherby’s Naming Team to ensure it hasn’t been used before. That’s where the problem will probably be for most – coming up with a creative name that hasn’t been used before. Maybe (probably unlikely) you’re a racehorse owner looking for some inspiration or maybe you’ve done the lottery and you’re sure your numbers are going to come up, you’re going to buy a horse when (not if) you win and you want a helping hand in naming your new steed. To aid you in this we have created a quiz that can collate all of your favourite things in life to come up with a relevant name for you to name your horse and allow all the backers placing a bet on horse racing with Paddy Power to pick it out!

Current Plan: Fibonacci Series What is the Fibonacci Series Plan?
Raced OnHorsePrimeStakeResultOddsReturnBalance
1st Apr @ 02:50Mister Pete1£1.50NP9/1-£1.50£73.50
1st Apr @ 03:50Ergo1£1.502nd6/1-£1.50£72.00
1st Apr @ 05:20SuperNoverre2£3.00WON100/30£10.00£82.00
2nd Apr @ 03:55Headline Act1£1.504th9/4-£1.50£80.50
2nd Apr @ 05:40Pravda Street1£1.504th2/1-£1.50£79.00
3rd Apr @ 02:20Restless Genius2£3.00NP6/1-£3.00£76.00
3rd Apr @ 03:30Peter's Gift3£4.502nd9/1-£4.50£71.50
3rd Apr @ 04:30Carcinetto5£7.50WON100/30£25.00£96.50
3rd Apr @ 04:40Talk Of Saafend1£1.50NP15/2-£1.50£95.00
3rd Apr @ 05:05Fangfoss Girls1£1.50NP3/1-£1.50£93.50
4th Apr @ 04:15Rambling Minster2£3.00PU9/1-£3.00£90.50
5th Apr @ 02:40Joyrider3£4.50PU9/2-£4.50£86.00
5th Apr @ 03:00Patton5£7.502nd4/1-£7.50£78.50
5th Apr @ 03:50Percussionist8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£144.50
5th Apr @ 04:00Ultimate Limit1£1.50NP85/40-£1.50£143.00
5th Apr @ 04:40Portside1£1.503rd11/2-£1.50£141.50
5th Apr @ 04:50Player2£3.00NP8/1-£3.00£138.50
6th Apr @ 03:00Little Bob3£4.50NP11/1-£4.50£134.00
6th Apr @ 03:20Elna Bright5£7.50NP6/1-£7.50£126.50
6th Apr @ 04:00Orang Outan8£12.00NP11/4-£12.00£114.50
7th Apr @ 03:00Porters War13£15.00WON5/2£37.50£152.00
7th Apr @ 03:10Dunn'o1£1.50NP7/2-£1.50£150.50
7th Apr @ 03:40Dramatic Solo1£1.504th11/2-£1.50£149.00
7th Apr @ 04:20Matmata De Tendron2£3.00NP15/2-£3.00£146.00
8th Apr @ 03:00Impressible3£4.502nd7/1-£4.50£141.50
8th Apr @ 03:20Clovis5£7.50NP7/1-£7.50£134.00
8th Apr @ 03:40EarComesAnnie8£12.005th7/1-£12.00£122.00
8th Apr @ 04:00King's Revenge13£15.00NP4/1-£15.00£107.00
8th Apr @ 04:50Magical Speedfit21£15.00WON9/2£67.50£174.50
9th Apr @ 02:00Perfect Class1£1.50NP13/2-£1.50£173.00
9th Apr @ 02:40Resplendent Alpha1£1.50NP12/1-£1.50£171.50
9th Apr @ 04:00Black Hills2£3.004th11/2-£3.00£168.50
11th Apr @ 02:50NellieDoneThat3£4.503rd9/2-£4.50£164.00
11th Apr @ 03:15Gold Heart5£7.504th9/2-£7.50£156.50
11th Apr @ 03:30Izita Star8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£222.50
11th Apr @ 03:50Green Belt Elite1£1.50NP7/2-£1.50£221.00
11th Apr @ 04:05Dominican Monk1£1.50WON3/1£4.50£225.50
11th Apr @ 04:20HugueNot1£1.50WON11/2£8.25£233.75
11th Apr @ 04:40Ballygalley Bob1£1.50UR7/1-£1.50£232.25
11th Apr @ 05:05CantGetOn1£1.50NP5/2-£1.50£230.75
12th Apr @ 02:30Knock Boy2£3.00NP11/2-£3.00£227.75
12th Apr @ 02:40SuperRollercoaster3£4.502nd8/1-£4.50£223.25
12th Apr @ 03:50Chartist5£7.504th8/1-£7.50£215.75
13th Apr @ 03:40Petito8£12.00NP11/1-£12.00£203.75
13th Apr @ 03:50Tampa Boy13£15.00WON13/2£97.50£301.25
13th Apr @ 04:10Harouet1£1.50NP9/4-£1.50£299.75
13th Apr @ 04:25Lord Alfred1£1.50NP13/2-£1.50£298.25
13th Apr @ 05:25Spanchil Hill2£3.003rd5/1-£3.00£295.25
13th Apr @ 05:30Fashion Icon3£4.50NP7/2-£4.50£290.75
13th Apr @ 05:45Agilete5£7.504th7/2-£7.50£283.25
14th Apr @ 02:30Viscount Rossini8£12.00WON11/2£66.00£349.25
14th Apr @ 03:10Presenting Express1£1.50NP4/1-£1.50£347.75
14th Apr @ 03:20Billy Beetroot1£1.502nd9/2-£1.50£346.25
14th Apr @ 03:40Bugsy's Boy2£3.00PU6/1-£3.00£343.25
14th Apr @ 03:50Aakef3£4.50WON11/8£6.19£349.44
14th Apr @ 04:20Blockley1£1.502nd4/1-£1.50£347.94
15th Apr @ 02:45Le Duc1£1.503rd13/2-£1.50£346.44
15th Apr @ 03:20Seven Is My Number2£3.00NP8/1-£3.00£343.44
15th Apr @ 03:35AWinnersGame3£4.502nd4/1-£4.50£338.94
15th Apr @ 03:55Fier Normand5£7.50Fell11/2-£7.50£331.44
15th Apr @ 04:20Diamond Twister8£12.00NP8/1-£12.00£319.44
15th Apr @ 05:30Good Buy Dubai13£15.00NP100/30-£15.00£304.44
16th Apr @ 03:45Hunterview21£15.004th7/2-£15.00£289.44
17th Apr @ 02:30Avoir Chiosi21£15.003rd4/1-£15.00£274.44
17th Apr @ 02:40OldJoeSaid21£15.00NP3/1-£15.00£259.44
17th Apr @ 03:40Bravely21£15.004th10/1-£15.00£244.44
17th Apr @ 04:00Cast Iron Casey21£15.004th10/3-£15.00£229.44
17th Apr @ 04:15Bo McGinty21£15.004th7/2-£15.00£214.44
17th Apr @ 07:20Zacharova21£15.00WON12/1£180.00£394.44
17th Apr @ 07:50Simply Blue1£1.50NP11/2-£1.50£392.94
18th Apr @ 02:40Petrus De Sormain1£1.504th15/2-£1.50£391.44
18th Apr @ 03:00Bolin Greta2£3.004th3/1-£3.00£388.44
18th Apr @ 04:25Go For One3£4.50NP13/2-£4.50£383.94
18th Apr @ 04:35LeslingTaylor5£7.504th7/2-£7.50£376.44
18th Apr @ 04:45Johnston's Glory8£12.003rd6/1-£12.00£364.44
18th Apr @ 05:40Dark Lane13£15.00NP11/4-£15.00£349.44
18th Apr @ 07:40Golden Games21£15.00NP5/1-£15.00£334.44
19th Apr @ 03:20Roofing Spirit21£15.00PU11/2-£15.00£319.44
19th Apr @ 03:30De Boitron21£15.00WON9/2£67.50£386.94
20th Apr @ 03:10Obe Gold1£1.503rd7/2-£1.50£385.44
20th Apr @ 03:30Royal Hilarity1£1.50NP17/2-£1.50£383.94
20th Apr @ 03:40Terrasini2£3.004th5/1-£3.00£380.94
20th Apr @ 04:40Arctic Cape3£4.50NP9/2-£4.50£376.44
20th Apr @ 06:05Space Cowboy5£7.50NP6/1-£7.50£368.94
20th Apr @ 06:15Im Ova Ere Dad8£12.002nd7/1-£12.00£356.94
21st Apr @ 04:30Rutba13£15.00NP11/2-£15.00£341.94
21st Apr @ 05:15Pelham Crescent21£15.00WON4/1£60.00£401.94
21st Apr @ 05:35Morning Sir Alan1£1.502nd11/1-£1.50£400.44
21st Apr @ 05:50Devil To Pay1£1.50NP7/1-£1.50£398.94
21st Apr @ 07:30Devil's Creek2£3.00NP9/1-£3.00£395.94
22nd Apr @ 03:30Nassau Beach3£4.50NP6/1-£4.50£391.44
22nd Apr @ 03:40Mustaqer5£7.50NP9/2-£7.50£383.94
22nd Apr @ 03:55Fujin Dancer8£12.00NP3/1-£12.00£371.94
22nd Apr @ 04:30Or De Grugy13£15.00NP14/1-£15.00£356.94
22nd Apr @ 04:40Trip The Light21£15.00WON11/4£41.25£398.19
22nd Apr @ 05:00Iris's Flyer1£1.504th7/2-£1.50£396.69
23rd Apr @ 02:30Victorian Tycoon1£1.504th6/1-£1.50£395.19
23rd Apr @ 02:40Coach Lane2£3.003rd8/1-£3.00£392.19
23rd Apr @ 03:40Possol3£4.50WON11/2£24.75£416.94
23rd Apr @ 04:00Demolition1£1.50WON3/1£4.50£421.44
23rd Apr @ 04:20Weather Permitting1£1.50NP16/1-£1.50£419.94
23rd Apr @ 04:40Wikaala1£1.502nd9/2-£1.50£418.44
23rd Apr @ 04:50Noble Action2£3.00PU11/4-£3.00£415.44
23rd Apr @ 07:00Oceana Gold3£4.502nd3/1-£4.50£410.94
23rd Apr @ 07:30Incorporation5£7.505th17/2-£7.50£403.44
24th Apr @ 02:35Affluent8£12.003rd3/1-£12.00£391.44
24th Apr @ 04:20Jedi13£15.00NP7/2-£15.00£376.44
24th Apr @ 05:00Guns And Butter21£15.002nd4/1-£15.00£361.44
24th Apr @ 05:45AheadOfHisTime21£15.00WON7/2£52.50£413.94
24th Apr @ 07:45Marufo1£1.50NP4/1-£1.50£412.44
24th Apr @ 08:15Moonlight Music1£1.502nd4/1-£1.50£410.94
27th Apr @ 04:10Mr Newton2£3.003rd7/2-£3.00£407.94
27th Apr @ 04:50Peter's Gift3£4.505th4/1-£4.50£403.44
27th Apr @ 05:00Letham Island5£7.503rd10/3-£7.50£395.94
28th Apr @ 03:55Mr Prolific8£12.00NP4/1-£12.00£383.94
28th Apr @ 05:40Vamos13£15.003rd9/2-£15.00£368.94
28th Apr @ 07:05Red Jade21£15.002nd3/1-£15.00£353.94
29th Apr @ 04:40Cry For The Moon21£15.00WON11/2£82.50£436.44
29th Apr @ 07:30Boughoure1£1.504th6/1-£1.50£434.94
30th Apr @ 04:05Kervriou1£1.50NP11/1-£1.50£433.44
30th Apr @ 04:30Fly By Nelly2£3.002nd6/1-£3.00£430.44
30th Apr @ 05:05Constant Cheers3£4.504th4/1-£4.50£425.94
30th Apr @ 06:40Portside5£7.502nd5/1-£7.50£418.44
30th Apr @ 07:00Solent Ridge8£12.00NP4/1-£12.00£406.44
30th Apr @ 07:30Pha Ma Blue13£15.003rd9/1-£15.00£391.44
30th Apr @ 08:00InchPast21£15.00NP7/2-£15.00£376.44
30th Apr @ 08:10Petrus De Sormain21£15.003rd11/4-£15.00£361.44