Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
FebEach Way Bets35£50.00£36.09View
MarStop At Win88£50.00£78.42View
AprFibonacci Series127£75.00£361.44View
MayFibonacci Series137£400.00£1,372.00View
JunFibonacci Series144£1,000.00£4,741.74View
AugStop At Win94£1,000.00£1,385.00View
SepStop At Win60£1,000.00£641.67View
OctFibonacci Series39£1,000.00£1,587.50View
NovLevel Stakes45£1,000.00£550.00View
DecStop At Win10£1,000.00£700.00View
Graph for the month of March using Plan: Stop At Win
Current Plan: Stop At Win What is the Stop At Win Plan?
Raced OnHorseOddsStakeStake BalanceResultReturnBalance
1st Mar @ 03:30Joe Joe Star9/2£1.00£50.004th-£1.00£49.00
3rd Mar @ 03:30NotABotherOnMe6/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£48.00
3rd Mar @ 03:50Viscount Rossini6/1£1.00£50.00WON£6.00£54.00
4th Mar @ 04:00Hazeljack12/1£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£53.00
5th Mar @ 03:35Oiseau De Nuit7/1£1.00£50.004th-£1.00£52.00
5th Mar @ 04:30Magot De Grugy11/4£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£51.00
6th Mar @ 05:15Red Scally100/30£1.00£50.00WON£3.33£54.33
6th Mar @ 05:50YouLuckyMan5/2£0.00£50.003rd£0.00£54.33
7th Mar @ 02:35Antonius Caesar13/2£1.00£50.003rd-£1.00£53.33
7th Mar @ 04:55Baseball Ted11/4£1.00£50.004th-£1.00£52.33
8th Mar @ 02:05San Antonio8/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£51.33
8th Mar @ 04:35Gaora Lane4/1£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£50.33
9th Mar @ 03:30Colliers Court10/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£49.33
10th Mar @ 02:55March Mate4/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£48.33
10th Mar @ 04:15Tarabaloo7/1£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£47.33
11th Mar @ 02:55Autumn Red100/30£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£46.33
12th Mar @ 03:35Capybara5/1£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£45.33
12th Mar @ 04:55Neidpath Castle11/4£1.00£50.00WON£2.75£48.08
12th Mar @ 05:25Stoneriggs Merc5/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£48.08
13th Mar @ 03:35Leopold4/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£47.08
13th Mar @ 04:55Bedizen9/2£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£46.08
14th Mar @ 02:20Pheidas15/2£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£45.08
14th Mar @ 02:35Sangfroid11/2£1.00£50.00Fell-£1.00£44.08
14th Mar @ 02:45Presque Perdre8/1£2.00£50.003rd-£2.00£42.08
14th Mar @ 02:55Top Dressing11/2£4.00£50.004th-£4.00£38.08
14th Mar @ 03:10Kilcrea Asla11/2£8.00£50.00NP-£8.00£30.08
14th Mar @ 03:20Za Beau7/2£10.00£50.00WON£35.00£65.08
14th Mar @ 04:20Seek The Truth7/1£0.00£50.002nd£0.00£65.08
14th Mar @ 04:45Mighty Moose11/2£0.00£50.003rd£0.00£65.08
14th Mar @ 04:55Edas5/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£65.08
15th Mar @ 01:40Ross Leader11/2£1.00£50.00WON£5.50£70.58
15th Mar @ 02:10Sharajan4/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£70.58
15th Mar @ 03:45Alfloramoor15/2£0.00£50.004th£0.00£70.58
15th Mar @ 04:00Enroblim Trop4/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£70.58
15th Mar @ 04:30L'Homme De Nuit11/2£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£70.58
15th Mar @ 04:40Kidthou3/1£0.00£50.004th£0.00£70.58
15th Mar @ 05:00Lord Gunnerslake4/1£0.00£50.00WON£0.00£70.58
16th Mar @ 02:10Jack's Lad9/4£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£69.58
16th Mar @ 03:10Heezagrey11/4£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£68.58
16th Mar @ 03:40Super Judge5/1£2.00£50.00NP-£2.00£66.58
16th Mar @ 03:50Simply Blue3/1£4.00£50.004th-£4.00£62.58
16th Mar @ 04:20Long Hop7/2£8.00£50.00WON£28.00£90.58
16th Mar @ 04:50Night Safe7/2£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£90.58
17th Mar @ 02:40Line Artic5/1£1.00£50.00WON£5.00£95.58
17th Mar @ 03:40Laredo Sound9/2£0.00£50.003rd£0.00£95.58
17th Mar @ 04:15Huguenot100/30£0.00£50.003rd£0.00£95.58
18th Mar @ 03:15Change Agent16/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£94.58
18th Mar @ 03:50Craven11/2£1.00£50.003rd-£1.00£93.58
18th Mar @ 04:00Constantius11/1£2.00£50.00NP-£2.00£91.58
18th Mar @ 04:25Mars Rock7/1£4.00£50.00NP-£4.00£87.58
18th Mar @ 04:35Pearl9/2£8.00£50.00NP-£8.00£79.58
19th Mar @ 02:20Something Silver11/8£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£78.58
19th Mar @ 03:05Starr Flyer5/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£77.58
19th Mar @ 03:35Haar3/1£2.00£50.00NP-£2.00£75.58
19th Mar @ 04:30Beau Largesse4/1£4.00£50.00NP-£4.00£71.58
19th Mar @ 05:00Cantegeton2/1£8.00£50.002nd-£8.00£63.58
20th Mar @ 03:25Seeking Straight4/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£62.58
20th Mar @ 04:35King Barry4/1£1.00£50.003rd-£1.00£61.58
20th Mar @ 05:00Secret Tune7/2£2.00£50.00WON£7.00£68.58
23rd Mar @ 05:00Sesame Rambler5/1£1.00£50.00Fell-£1.00£67.58
24th Mar @ 02:40Killard Point5/6£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£66.58
24th Mar @ 02:40Oscar Owen4/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£65.58
24th Mar @ 04:00Longdale5/1£2.00£50.00NP-£2.00£63.58
24th Mar @ 04:30Hasanpour5/1£4.00£50.00NP-£4.00£59.58
24th Mar @ 05:10No Supper5/2£8.00£50.00NP-£8.00£51.58
25th Mar @ 02:40Sharp Beline5/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£50.58
25th Mar @ 05:00The Pious Prince11/4£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£49.58
26th Mar @ 04:10Open D'Isle13/2£1.00£50.00WON£6.50£56.08
26th Mar @ 04:45NellieDoneThat7/1£0.00£50.00WON£0.00£56.08
26th Mar @ 05:05Himba9/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£56.08
26th Mar @ 05:20Cote D'Argent3/1£0.00£50.00NP£0.00£56.08
27th Mar @ 03:20Green Gamble9/2£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£55.08
27th Mar @ 03:55Font11/4£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£54.08
27th Mar @ 04:05Fire And Rain7/2£2.00£50.00WON£7.00£61.08
27th Mar @ 04:40Hobbs Hill8/1£0.00£50.00UR£0.00£61.08
28th Mar @ 03:25Ammunition9/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£60.08
28th Mar @ 04:20Aldriuos15/2£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£59.08
28th Mar @ 04:35Super Formen6/1£2.00£50.00NP-£2.00£57.08
28th Mar @ 04:55Even Flo6/1£4.00£50.00WON£24.00£81.08
28th Mar @ 05:10Amenian Boy7/1£0.00£50.002nd£0.00£81.08
29th Mar @ 03:15I'm Delilah100/30£1.00£50.002nd-£1.00£80.08
29th Mar @ 03:25Marsh Court7/1£1.00£50.00NP-£1.00£79.08
29th Mar @ 04:25Snowy8/1£2.00£50.002nd-£2.00£77.08
29th Mar @ 04:50Orbitor11/4£4.00£50.003rd-£4.00£73.08
30th Mar @ 04:10General Hardi100/30£1.00£50.00WON£3.33£76.42
31st Mar @ 03:05Lily Tara100/30£1.00£50.004th-£1.00£75.42
31st Mar @ 04:35Pippbrook Gold3/1£1.00£50.004th-£1.00£74.42
31st Mar @ 05:35Peter Grimes2/1£2.00£50.00WON£4.00£78.42