Racing Tips Newsletters

IMPORTANT...If you are on the PERM plan, the advised stakes are for the TOTAL amount to be staked, not for each bet as the daily email has displayed. For instance, if you have a Start Bank of £50, the advice in todays mail said to back 10 Doulbes @ £8.80 each, it should be 10 Doubles at £0.88 each, making a total of £8.80. Please divide the total stake by the number of bets.

We will get this rectified today, so that it will be correct for you tomorrow. Many apologies for this oversight.

Todays Racing Tips
Time Venue Horse Odds Your Stake
15:15 Ripon Demolition 5/1 5 x Singles @ £88.13 each
19:15 Carlisle Spinners End 4/1 10 x Doubles @ £176.25 each
19:30 Windsor Prince Of Johanne 3/1
19:45 Carlisle Timer Treasure 9/2
20:15 Carlisle SummerCove 7/2