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Yesterdays Racing Tips for - 15/11/2015
SYLVAN LEGEND - 4th @ 11/4

Well of the 2 horses highlighted yesterday, one of them won and the other came last, and true to my luck at present I managed to pick the one that came last! But he was the one with the best chance, unbelievably, the horse that had shown that she couldn't run in soft ground, decided to be able to yesterday and won. This is just the harsh reality of horse racing, in that the best horse doesn't always win, but if you follow a sound understanding of horse racing, and the factors that lead to success, you will win overall - it is just a shame that it isn't manifesting itself currently! But over time, it will.

Todays Racing Tips
Time Venue Horse Odds Your Stake
14:35 Plumpton RagdolliAnna 3/1 £10.33