Horse Racing Results

Each year we start our Betting Bank with £50. At the end of each month, we then set the Betting Bank to be whatever the current balance is. Eg. if at the end of January, the balance is £136, we would set the Betting Bank for February to £100. We continue this throughout the year, until the Betting Bank reaches the maximum, of £1,000. You can see the profits from each month on the site in the left hand side bar, starting with a Betting Bank of £50.


 PlanNo. BetsStart BankEnd Bank 
JanFibonacci Series23£50.00£94.00View
FebStop At Win34£100.00£41.00View
MarFibonacci Series37£100.00£136.00View
AprEach Way Bets36£125.00£120.31View
MayStop At Win55£125.00£103.75View
JulReverse Labouchere46£450.00£1,197.00View
SepEachWay Doubles22£1,000.00£1,257.37View
OctIncremental Series26£1,000.00£1,579.00View
NovMulti-Link Doubles19£1,000.00£1,661.09View
DecFibonacci Series21£1,000.00£1,325.00View
Graph for the month of May using Plan: Stop At Win
Current Plan: Stop At Win What is the Stop At Win Plan?
Raced OnHorseOddsStakeStake BalanceResultReturnBalance
2nd May @ 05:25Dorothy's Dancing3/1£2.50£125.004th-£2.50£122.50
3rd May @ 07:00Khandaq11/2£2.50£125.004th-£2.50£120.00
3rd May @ 08:30Mandurah13/8£2.50£125.004th-£2.50£117.50
4th May @ 04:45Knight Valiant5/2£2.50£125.005th-£2.50£115.00
4th May @ 07:00Schinken Otto7/2£2.50£125.00WON£8.75£123.75
5th May @ 03:35Thunder Child13/2£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£121.25
5th May @ 06:55San Deng5/2£2.50£125.003rd-£2.50£118.75
6th May @ 07:15Prince Of Jahanne4/1£2.50£125.00WON£10.00£128.75
6th May @ 08:45Pelmanism5/4£0.00£125.002nd£0.00£128.75
7th May @ 01:50Secret Venue7/2£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£126.25
7th May @ 03:15Teenando10/1£2.50£125.005th-£2.50£123.75
8th May @ 04:20Storm Of Applause9/2£2.50£125.004th-£2.50£121.25
9th May @ 04:10Timocracy6/5£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£118.75
10th May @ 03:20Mahatu9/4£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£116.25
11th May @ 03:20Tri Nations5/2£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£113.75
13th May @ 07:50Petella13/8£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£111.25
14th May @ 03:25Parlour Games15/8£2.50£125.003rd-£2.50£108.75
14th May @ 08:00Overlaw7/4£2.50£125.003rd-£2.50£106.25
15th May @ 03:00Kadouchski4/1£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£103.75
15th May @ 03:20Quito Du Tresor9/4£2.50£125.00UR-£2.50£101.25
15th May @ 03:30 Chorizo3/1£5.00£125.004th-£5.00£96.25
16th May @ 04:00Jewelled2/1£2.50£125.00WON£5.00£101.25
17th May @ 03:10RexMeHead11/2£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£98.75
17th May @ 04:20Integria9/4£2.50£125.00WON£5.63£104.38
18th May @ 07:00Solway Blue5/1£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£101.88
18th May @ 07:30Pugnacity9/4£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£99.38
19th May @ 06:20Eternal Heart2/1£2.50£125.00WON£5.00£104.38
19th May @ 06:30Nubar Boy7/2£0.00£125.004th£0.00£104.38
19th May @ 07:30Haylaman100/30£0.00£125.002nd£0.00£104.38
20th May @ 03:40Collect Art5/4£2.50£125.00WON£3.13£107.50
20th May @ 07:40Meridiem2/1£0.00£125.00WON£0.00£107.50
20th May @ 08:20Hel's Angel9/4£0.00£125.005th£0.00£107.50
21st May @ 02:00Brown Panther2/1£2.50£125.00WON£5.00£112.50
23rd May @ 08:00War Poet11/4£2.50£125.00WON£6.88£119.38
24th May @ 03:40Lord Aeryn11/4£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£116.88
24th May @ 04:10Barkston Ash9/4£2.50£125.00WON£5.63£122.50
24th May @ 04:50Westhaven11/4£0.00£125.003rd£0.00£122.50
25th May @ 04:00Kells Castle5/2£2.50£125.003rd-£2.50£120.00
25th May @ 04:45Sir Bumble7/1£2.50£125.005th-£2.50£117.50
25th May @ 08:30Dr Red Eye7/2£5.00£125.002nd-£5.00£112.50
26th May @ 03:20Captain Kolo2/1£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£110.00
26th May @ 07:20Our Guardian Angel11/4£2.50£125.00PU-£2.50£107.50
26th May @ 08:35Dickie Le Davoir7/1£5.00£125.003rd-£5.00£102.50
27th May @ 02:00Wooden King9/4£2.50£125.00WON£5.63£108.13
27th May @ 06:55George Adamson4/1£0.00£125.005th£0.00£108.13
27th May @ 07:55Knighton Combe33/10£0.00£125.00NP£0.00£108.13
28th May @ 02:20Dimension13/2£2.50£125.005th-£2.50£105.63
28th May @ 04:40Collect Art2/1£2.50£125.002nd-£2.50£103.13
28th May @ 05:20Apace2/1£5.00£125.00WON£10.00£113.13
29th May @ 04:40Spanish Cruise11/4£2.50£125.00PU-£2.50£110.63
29th May @ 05:00Glacial Call9/2£2.50£125.005th-£2.50£108.13
30th May @ 02:15Erdeli13/8£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£105.63
30th May @ 02:40Sluggsy Morant6/4£2.50£125.00NP-£2.50£103.13
30th May @ 04:55Diddums4/1£5.00£125.005th-£5.00£98.13
31st May @ 07:25Destiny Blue9/4£2.50£125.00WON£5.63£103.75